Wind Power; Shaping the Future of Scotland

Wind Mills

Wind Power has been on the Scottish agenda for some time now. Sporting some of the UKs largest wind farms; Scotland has fast become the centre of the Renewable Energy universe through thorough and vast investment in alternative energies and in particular Wind Power which is reflected in the graph above.

Why Wind in Scotland?
Scotland’s extreme weather has been making the headlines in recent times, major flooding across Aberdeen and the Boarders as well as hurricane style winds have been reported and make up the focus of the major weather events in the early part of 2016 for Scotland. Snow and high winds are common across the western and eastern sides of Scotland as well as its coastal regions and prevailing wind exposure make it an ideal place for turbines and wind farms. Scotland also has great infrastructure links as well as technicians and existing energy management companies from its Oil Rigs. The people and technologies which are currently based in Scotland lend themselves well to the ongoing maintenance and requirements for major wind farms; all of this makes Scotland and ideal and obvious place for ongoing development into the early part of the Twenty First Century.

Wind Power Scotland

Where in Scotland?
At present the coastal regions of Scotland have seen the most investment in wind turbines with many companies choosing to invest and benefit from the incentives laid out in the Scottish Government 2020 route map its clear to see why so many turbines are sprouting up around the edges of the coast, moving inland it is again clear to see that wind turbines are increasing in popularity where Scotland’s unique topography and landscape means that farmers and landowners don’t just have to have great vistas to exploit. Consistent winds and access to running water even allows for hydro power opportunities and assisted wind-hydro technologies are making the most of this marriage.

What is the future of Wind power in Scotland?
Although investment in the area of wind energy has been historically high for the past half a decade, according to wind turbine installers the market is set to grow further into 2016 and beyond as the benefit of wind power are still to be harness in full. With this in mind choosing the right turbine and the right location is key to a successful, long term installation and power generation/ output; as such it is often suggested that consulting with a wind turbine technician prior to installation can ensure that your turbines placement and the energy produced it at its maximum output for the site. Where further information and resources as well as the wind turbines can be found online and on installers websites in particular…

Here we see a turbine being erected and a message from the business owner claiming that post installation 10% of the sites energy requirements can now be fulfilled by the 1.5 Mega Watt turbine.

Here we see perhaps one of the most private places to take in some sun, and then someone with a camera mounted on a drone comes around and checks out exactly what is going on 200 foot up in the sky only to find the land owner taking in some sun shine and enjoying the privacy.

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