UK Jobs Market; EU Cap

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UK Salary Cap

Although it seems that the EU and England/ Great Britain are at logger heads right now and what with the recent news coming to light from the BBC that non EU migrants will soon have to be earning in excess of £35K a year to remain in the country.

Moving further into the skilled labour force it is easy to see why government would encourage those who come to Great Britain to work, but with such a high wage packet required, where will this leave migrants? Working in London of course where the average wage is above £35K. Move into the northern towns though and £35K is a top level managers wage, which might cause a large skills gap in the Northern economy but, are politicians worrying about this? Where will it leave the NHS which is almost dependant of foreign workers and low wages? Well it should leave it in a fairer and more EU centred health service with a higher number of qualified British nurses on the staff.

Also, net migration levels will fall with the change, as most non EU workers bring their families and extended families into the UK to take advantage of the free school system, free health service, free legal advice, free out of work benefits and all the other benefits which the forerunners of England built and paid into.

So is the wage cap a good idea? The Hawk’s Moor would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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