International Noise Awareness Day

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Sound is something we rarely think about yet we are all exposed to it in our daily lives. While we normally have a certain level of control over the sound we hear, one place we can’t change is our workplace. Whether it’s an industrial environment or just an office, nearly all workplaces have some level of noise. Knowing when the levels are excessive isn’t always easy. With sound measurements often being complex and taking average noise levels into consideration, it’s not always easy to judge the levels by ear.

This is where sound level meters come into play. They allow you to record (and in some cases log) the levels of sound present in an area and give a definite answer as to whether the levels are acceptable or not. Having to suffer the problem of noise at work can lead to all kinds of problems including stress, headaches, distraction and even damage to hearing in severe cases. Legislation introduced in the UK now means all businesses must take sound levels into consideration and many companies are now required to conduct regular noise audits to ensure their workers aren’t exposed to unsafe levels.

Sound levels of music are another consideration as well. Levels of live music performance must be carefully controlled to remain within the law. Something which at first may seem like a party stopper but when you consider the number of people who have had damaged hearing as a result of exposure to excessive noise levels you can start to understand why legislation has to be put in place.

The International Noise Awareness Day aims to promote awareness about noise levels and safety and remind people that noise is one of the leading causes of loss of hearing.

So if you are faced with high levels then why not see about getting a noise level meter to measure your surroundings are safe… This is one place you can pick-up a range of noise level meters, logging systems and more. Head over to their site to learn more and ensure your hearing remains undamaged.

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