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New Years Resolution

New Year’s Resolution is something which everyone will look forward to as it is the beginning of every year which we will expect good things to turn around. New Year’s Resolutions can vary depending upon what the individuals want to achieve in that particular year. It may differ from losing Weight and keeping body in a good shape, moving onto a new job, proposing to the one, buying a home, buying a car, planning on a summer vacation with family which hasn’t happened in the recent years, quitting Alcohol, drugs, smoking etc… But the important fact is that one must try to achieve the Resolution being taken on that particular year.

New Year's Resolutions

The common Resolution taken on every new year by most of us is Quitting Alcohol/drugs/smoking however not many achieve that especially the youth. Though we are aware of the fact that these things are injurious to health, we never stop it. I have been in similar situations. On 2014, my new year Resolution will be to quit Alcohol because of which I have suffered various disturbing events in recent times.

Like most of the youth, I like spending time with my buddies in presence of alcohol but what we must ensure is that alcohol can make a person do things beyond his/her knowledge. I have suffered many such incidents. To narrate a few, once when I consumed alcohol, I broke someone’s car glasses without any thought. In normal life I am a very reserved and jovial person who gives respects to other’s feeling and maintains other’s integrity and dignity but when I am drunk, it’s like HULK unleashed. Moreover I am well built, so even my buddies cannot control me at times.

The most regretting incident in my whole life happened when I was drunk. I was like a mindless creature one night stormed into the house when my mum was out of station leaving me and my sister alone. I scared the shit out of her by lifting the couch, throwing weights and hitting walls. She had to call over my friends to control me and this happened late in the night. The next day, I felt very much ashamed that it took more than 6 months for me to overcome that feeling. Hence I request those who read this article to quit Alcohol and start a better living a life which your loved ones always wish you for.

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