Gay Marriage: The Current State of Affairs


Most people, American or not, will likely have an opinion on the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. While many have a strong opinion supporting the decision, many have a strong opinion opposing the decision. However how about those, that are left in the middle? While I have beliefs against gay marriage, I also feel that it is not my right to tell anyone how to run their lives. I am certain I would not react kindly to someone telling me my beliefs are wrong and do not feel I have the right to tell anyone else that they are wrong. So where does that leave those of us that feel this way? I have heard a great solution that I think would benefit everyone involved, even though I am sure, many would disagree with me, that is okay too.

A civil union that ties two people together, regardless of gender and gives both parties the benefits, obligations, and rights that any married couple under current laws now have could be available to everyone. If a couple wants to “tie the knot”, then go to the courthouse, obtain your “civil union license” then proceed to have your ceremony or have no ceremony at all. Many would agree that marriage, is a religious institution based on religion. Just like today, churches have the right to deny performing a wedding ceremony if they want.

For example, a close relative of mine recently got married to his girlfriend of many years. However the church they were married in and the person who married them, was not their first choice. Their first choice refused because the bride had been married before and is now pregnant. So if the couple chose to have a ceremony after receiving their civil union license, which is the legal side of this union, they will also have the task of locating a church or venue and a person to marry them. So technically the only thing changing is that now all couples have all of the positives and negatives that are now associated with that piece of paper they get from a courthouse.

My hope is that while we may seem divided right now, that soon everyone will come together and see each other as individuals that have individual beliefs, and that no one person can tell another how to live, but that we can at least learn to respect each other.

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