Freshers Flu; It Bites!

Freshers Flu

Each year when the new students come to town it seems that most cities in the UK get struck down with a case of Freshers Flu. So what can you do to ensure that you dont catch the leergy? Here is the Hawk’s Moor top tips to avoiding a winter cold.

1. Go see your GP and get your flu jab! Its painless and free to people in the UK.

2. Dont touch your face! Touching your face is a sure way to pass disease. Yes research suggests that touching your face is the way that humans most commonly pass their bugs between each other. Touching handrails and things which other humans touch and then sticking your hands near your eyes or lips is a sure fire way to contaminate your whole system.

3. Wrap up warm – you might think you look hot, but really temperatures can drop at night during the October months so be sure you take a wrap or scarf with you out on the toon.

By following these tips your are sure to survive the freshers flu season.

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